These days the tools available to communicate and share information are limitless, and will continue to grow even farther from what we can imagine today. That is why I opened this webpage, to add a virtual complement to my application, which I hope can make it easier for you to find out if I am the right person for that job.

I hope you like it and even have a good time surfing around this site. I am sure you must be tired of reading CVs and cover letters all day long, so I am using videos that you can pause at any time to see in more detail whatever you need, or to watch them on your mobile if you have to go somewhere else.

You can navigate around the menu on the top of this site to read about my CV story, my current blog Twiiga, more about my personality and how my transferable skills will fit in my future job. I am still building this site, so please come back again later if you like what you see.

Have a great day!